Virtual Reality

Free VR Games

The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom is a great game. You play the game as the character Agent Zero, a female agent, on a mission to kill the mysterious Benjamin Miller. The controls, graphics, atmosphere, voice actors and soundtrack are sublime, making you fully immersed in the game. The game is also story rich and inspired by true events *no spoilers*, telling a dark and intriguing story that will leave you anticipating the next chapter which the developers plan to release in this episodic series. The gameplay involves solving puzzles which are of medium difficulty, keeping you interested and immersed. The game is flawless and also free to play.

Deserving Life

Deserving Life is a horror style room escape game designed for the HTC Vive. The gameplay involves solving a series of puzzles to ultimately escape the house that you find yourself chained up in. The puzzles are of medium difficulty, and the game lasts around 25 minutes. As such the game developers also decided to make this a free title. The game has a simplistic but pleasing design, with atmospheric sounds that compliment the premise of the game, and I found this to be an enjoyable room escape.

Belko VR

Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment is a short and enjoyable VR room escape type puzzle game. The gameplay is enjoyable and fun, requiring you to solve three short puzzles to escape the room, whilst attempting to save yourself and your work colleague. The game is immersive, with solid controls, a detailed office environment, good voice acting, and explores the theme of survival in a deadly situation and the importance or unimportance of your relationship with work colleagues, with the employment of a dramatic ending. A short VR movie promotion puzzler but recommended as it is well designed, entertaining and free to play. Great job.