Virtual Reality

Multi-Player Games

Out of Ammo

One of the most awesome action strategy games I have played. Immerse yourself in this FPS action strategy game and take on the enemy. Out of Ammo is an intense game. Explore different maps, control and order your soldiers around different battle zones, construct defenses, equip your weapons and try to survive in first person combat. The game is well designed; in some maps you are even able to control your soldiers from an overlooking viewpoint, with the option to switch into first person gameplay to get involved in the action. The gameplay is strategic with lots of different maps available to play, different maps have different difficulty levels, different missions, environments, a range of weapons and unit types, and an initial tutorial guide to gameplay. There is also the option to play multiplayer. The design and animation are awesome, making the game fully immersive and fun to play. Don’t hesitate to jump right into this game, especially if you are looking for something strategic to play in VR.

Trickster VR

An under-rated, immersive and rich VR fantasy dungeon crawler. Embark on an epic adventure with different biomes, enemies, multiple missions and weapons to explore and master. Visually quirky, unique and colourful, and extremely fun to play. There is also the option to play co-op. This game is also in early-access so it will be exciting to experience the final product in the future, which is set to include things such as unlockable player classes, randomized quests and weapon upgrades. Highly recommended, especially to those looking for an awesome hack and slash action RPG game.

Raw Data

Raw Data is an action game that was built from the ground up for VR. The gameplay is epic, with several different weapons to choose from, for use in immersive and strategic missions, and even the option to play both singleplayer, multiplayer and even co-op. You can also play as one of three characters. It is strategic, giving it a lot more depth than a typical VR wave shooter, with the ability to level up and upgrade weapons and unlock special abilities. There are not only FPS gameplay options but also the option of using a katana and fist fighting for variety. The graphics and detailed visual design are amazing, as are the atmospheric sound effects and the voice acting. It is also story rich giving the gameplay more depth and style. There is already an abundance of content and a lot of replay value. Overall a fantastic game so far, and it is in early-access so we can expect even more content! 

Loco Dojo

Loco Dojo is a casual party game that can be played with 2 or 4 players (or alternatively alone in a solo challenge mode). The multiplayer gameplay involves competing in Grand Sensei’s ‘Table of Trials’ against friends or strangers online in fun mini games. You and your opponent’s take turns in spinning the wheel to move around a game board, landing on prizes or launching the next trial. The game is set in a well-polished wonderful wooden toy style board, with a fun sound track, good voice acting, and each of the trials is unique, such as pig milking and egg boxing. Race to win a pile of Golden Suns and the ultimate black headband, to claim victory in Grand Sensei’s temple. Loco Dojo is a fun party game to play with friends, with a total 16 unique mini games and a Mario Party feel.