Virtual Reality

Single-player Games

SuperHot VR

Superhot VR is the popular first person shooter where time moves only when you move, but this time in the virtual world. An engaging and fun to play FPS, the gameplay makes you feel like you are in the matrix, using your mind and body to dodge bullets, in a visually surreal environment. The gameplay is all about your movement and that of the oncoming bullets, outnumbered by the enemy, in a series of scenarios, using different weapons to shoot, slice and move your body towards survival. It’s a unique FPS design that’s extremely fun and addictive. Having played both the VR and non-VR versions of the game, I recommend getting Superhot VR if you enjoy the original, as the gameplay is the same, but the experience is completely different in VR, and I equally enjoy playing both versions of the game. The VR controls are perfect and super smooth, leaving you with that that matrix feel. The challenge of the gameplay gives it lots of replayablity. 


Live out your dream of becoming a gladiator, wield weapons and prepare for fun, limbs and gore! GORN is the ultimate physics based VR brawler. This is a gladiator simulation game. In the game you fight in a gladiator arena against a humourous looking warrior known simply as GORN. Fight one GORN, multiple, unlock weapons, more arenas, face more brutal versions of GORN, play in an endless mode, and most importantly entertain the audience by causing as much bloodshed and ripping off as many limbs as possible. The animation and artwork is unique and dynamic, the sound effects and physics are amazing, and the game is extremely enjoyable and fun to play. If your a fan of action in any form you don’t want to miss out on what has become a VR classic.

The Gallery

The Gallery is an episodic fantasy exploration game, inspired by dark 80’s fantasy films. Episode one takes you on a series of amazing adventures. The gameplay involves encountering and solving various puzzles on the quest to find your missing sister. The gameplay is immersive, the puzzles are of medium difficulty; there are four short puzzles and you unravel more of the story with each of the puzzles alongside meeting a quirky character (no spoilers), and finally a dramatic cliffhanger of an ending unfolds. The graphics and surrounding environments are stunning and detailed, and the voice acting is perfect, making the game extremely immersive and enjoyable to play. My only criticism could be the price point because it is an episodic game… However, I really enjoyed playing this first episode and being in this world and feel the price of this episode is reasonable as even though the content is short it is a truly high quality VR game.